Time for Reflection

Be Rooted Fam! I have huge news to share!  Be Rooted has been named on Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential Companies list!

I launched Be Rooted in 2020 because I wanted to change the face of the stationery and gifting industry. For far too long and in too many spaces, Black and Brown women have been left unseen and unspoken to. Be Rooted was created to flip that narrative and center Black and Brown women by making them feel loved, celebrated, and uplifted.

I remember in the early days, I wondered if people would see my vision. I questioned if it was too audacious for me to think I could enter into an industry where I had never seen a Black woman have a voice. I am so glad that I decided to push past all my fears and continue down the path that I felt called to do. 

To me, this award is validation that chasing your dreams and staying true to your purpose is always enough. We are just at the beginning of our journey, and we have so much more to come. We want to thank each one of you for all of your support. You have been rocking with us since day 1, and it means the world because we are nothing without your support. 


Let's continue on this journey together.



Jasmin Foster

Founder +Owner of Be Rooted