Womens History Month: 40 Women That Inspire Us

This year, I decided to stop playing small and go full-time on my business. For Women’s History Month, I wanted to honor amazing women entrepreneurs that have inspired me to take the leap of faith. Watching them grow your brands and seeing them succeed has given me the courage to know that I too can do it. Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel lonely, but it feels so much larger knowing I am in community with so many other dope women chasing their dreams. 


Check out some of the below BIPOC-female founders that have inspired me on my journey across food & beverage, lifestyle, and beauty and wellness.


Food & Beverage:

Andrea and Robin McBride
Denise Woodard
Jessica Spaulding
Fawn Weaver


Kalilah Wright
Lenise Williams
Nicole Gibbons
Lisette Scott
Valerie Madison
Uchenne and Chioma Ngwudo 
Candice Adams
Denequa Williams-Clark
Kelli Ulrey
Nickey Ramsey
Tomide Awe
Stephanie Summerson Hall
Aliya Wanek
Ruth Martin-Gordon
Tash Prendergast
Chari Cuthbert
Mimi Striplin
Tricia Hash
Tree Fairfax

Crystal Etienne
Shobha Phillips
Cynthia Watkins and Kathryn Burnett

Beauty & Wellness:

Cora Miller
Dorian Morris
Shontay Lundy
Deepica Mutyala
Myleik Teele
Bea Dixon
Aliyah Marandiz
Jamika Martin
Trinity Mouzon Wolford
Melissa Butler
Kelley Williams
Rachel James
Karen Young
Nadine Joseph
Victoria Fazio