Top 10 Summer Bucket List

This summer is all about you so be sure to prioritize your joy. The best way to make sure you’re doing that is to create a bucket list to hold yourself accountable. Below are our Top 10 items for your Summer Bucket List.

  • Read or listen to a book by the beach 

  • No greater joy than soaking up the sun and expanding your knowledge. This summer I urge you to take a me-day and head over to the beach with your favorite snacks for some relaxation and reading. My current favorite reads are: 

  • Take a trip 

  • Stepping out of your day-to-day routine and immersing yourself in another culture is such a wonderful way to continue to grow as a person. From trying new foods, to new activities to overall seeing how others live - traveling really puts things into perspective. Check out Lonely Planet to figure out what location suits your traveling desires. 

  • Staycation 

  • Are you unable to take a trip this summer? Maybe it’s not within your budget or availability - that is totally okay - let’s talk Staycation. A Staycation is a vacation spent in your area. You could either book a local Airbnb with friends and/or family or pick one of your homes to stay in. This isn’t just a typical hangout - so remember the 3 rules of Staycation:
    Stress-Free Zone: Leave your work or life stress at the door. Figure out what you need to do to fully unplug and immerse yourself in relaxation and try your best to do it. 
    Fun Fun Fun: Pack your day with activities with ample time to rest and reset in between.  
    Try Something New: Maybe that is a new restaurant, a new bar, or a cool new place for some retail therapy - whatever it is your heart desires - try to find something new to do. If you can, try to support a local small business in the process. 
  • Learn a TikTok Dance 

  • Even if this sounds completely out of your comfort zone - trust me - it’s worth it. You don’t even need to post it if you don’t want to - simply taking the time to learn a TikTok dance will bring you all the joy and laughs you need- trust me. You can even keep it in your drafts for future enjoyment. While you’re there, check out our TikTok for your self-care and journal prompt needs. 
  • Roadtrip 

  • A road trip is such a great way to travel affordably. It doesn’t need to be super far to be enjoyable. Check out your neighboring states to see what they have to offer. This is also a great time to listen to some new albums, audiobooks, and podcasts. Be sure to take breaks as needed - this is meant to be an enjoyable experience - not stressful.  

  • Host a brunch 

  • My love language is feeding those who I care for. Make life simple by hosting a potluck-style brunch. This is a great way to connect with your loved ones and try out new recipes. My favorite places to find simple and delicious recipes are:

  • Move your body daily

  • The best way to improve your mood and overall health is to move your body daily. This doesn't mean you need to spend hours at the gym (unless you want to) it can be as simple as going on a Hot-Girl Walk or taking a Zoom Yoga Session

  • Revamp your space 

  • Take a day to declutter your space and rehome the items you’d like to part with. Some great places to sell items that no longer bring you joy are: 
    Now it can stop there if you’re into the minimalist aesthetic - but if not, you can also use these same websites to find unique items to spruce up your space. Before you buy, try moving things around and using what you have - remember, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. 

  • Journal everyday 

  • Journaling every day can be so therapeutic. I love unwinding with my Be Rooted Journal - a safe space to dump all of my thoughts, goals, emotions and life events. Every now and again I look back at my journal entries from a month ago or a year ago and it is so refreshing to see my growth in all aspects of life. 

  • Pick up a new hobby 

  • Let’s be honest - I know you’ve had your eye on a hobby you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have the time or skill set to take up. I’m here to tell you - you do. We make time for things we care about and I urge you to prioritize yourself. Yes, I know that is easier said than done, but you got this. Below are a few of my favorite hobbies I learned for free (not including the tools required) on YouTube:  
    If you decide to add these items to your bucket list, please tag us when you complete them @berootedco (on all platforms) we want to see you living your best life.