The Stay Rooted Journal Challenge- Join us

Happy Spring :) is it too early to say that? I always feel like March is that weird in-between point between Winter and Spring where none of us know what season it is and we are all just trying to survive in the midst of allergies and inconsistent weather.

March 1st kicked off the start of the Stay Rooted 30 day Journal Challenge as well as Womxn’s History Month. In my last post, I talked about why journaling was important to me and offered some tips for y'all to stay motivated and consistent along the way. If you have not checked out that blog post yet, make sure you do because we could all use some helpful tips on how to be more consistent. 

The Stay Rooted Journal challenge is a 30 day challenge with Be Rooted Co. where we journal for 30 consecutive days via the guided prompts. The goal in this challenge is to integrate journaling into your daily routine so it becomes more of a habit than just an occasional activity. The journal prompts range in topics from reflective questions to random brain dumps. I highly recommend it. 

Here is a full list of the Stay Rooted Challenge 30-Day journal prompts. Even if you did not start the challenge on March 1st, now is the perfect time to start.

Day 1- I am most proud of myself for accomplishing?

Day 2- What is something that my younger self would be surprised to know about me now?

Day 3- What is my biggest insecurity and why?

Day 4- What are 5 things I wish people knew about me?

Day 5- Is there someone I am secretly seeking approval from?

Day 6- If I could improve one thing about myself what would it be?

Day 7- I feel most like myself when I am?

Day 8- What is a lession I have had to learn the hard way recently?

Day 9- Based on my habits and daily routine, where do I see myself in 5 years?

Day 10- Am I kind to myself? How can I show myself more grace and kindness?

Day 11- If I could live anywhere in the world, where would I live and why? How would I feel there?

Day 12- What are 5 things I could do everyday to improve my mood? What do I need to get started?

Day 13- What do I need to release in my life? Why do I find it so hard to do so?

Day 14-What is most important to me in relationships and why?

Day 15- What is a brain dump list of things I would like to accomplish right now?

Day 16- What are a few examples of challenges that I have overcome in my life?

Day 17-What is the best meal I have ever ate? Where was I when I ate it? Who was with me?

Day 18- How would I describe myself to a stranger in 5 minutes?

Day 19- How do I know when I am in love? How do I want love to feel? Have I ever been in love?

Day 20- Have I ever shared my authentic self and been rejected? How did I feel? 

Day 21- What was I like as a child? Is there any activity or hobby that I loved when I was a child that I am interested in doing again?

Day 22- Do I have any toxic habits or traits? What are they and when do I find that I demonstrate them the most?

Day 23- What is the most impactful “No” I have said to someone? How did I feel when I said No and how did the other person react?

Day 24-Make a list of the “old” you vs the “new” you. What has changed and what has remained the same?

Day 25- Are there any passion projects I would love to work on? Why is this project important to me? What do I need to do to get started?

Day 26- If I had a better morning or nighttime routine, what would it look like?

Day 27- Do I find it hard to forgive? When was the last time I forgave someone?

Day 28- List at least 5 positive affirmations about yourself. Can you commit to saying these to yourself everyday?

Day 29- How do I want people to remember me? What type of legacy do I want to leave?

Day 30- Finish this sentence: My life would be incomplete without…

Day 31- Write your life story up to this point. Who were the main characters? How do you want the story to end?

I hope you all enjoy the Stay Rooted Journal challenge. Remember, even if you happen to miss a day or two (because life does happen)- don’t beat yourself up- just pick up where you left off the next day. I hope that at the end of this challenge you will find yourself more committed and aligned with your self-care and reflection.

Until next time