New Year, Better Me: Identifying 2023 Goals with Intention 

Happy New Year! (are we still saying that 3 weeks into January?) I pray that the start of the New Year has found you all hopeful, well rested and looking forward to all that 2023 has to offer. If your 2022 was anything like mine, you are likely being intentional about easing out of the holiday season with your sanity and health intact. Cheers to us!

This year, I am being intentional about setting goals that not only support my business but my HEALTH as well. Running a business isn't easy and finding a balance between taking care of myself while taking care of a growing company has been harder than ever. Rather than jumping into identifying a ton of lofty goals that I may or may not keep, I am really focused on establishing systems that will support my long-term growth and consistency. 

I took the first few weeks of the New Year to figure out what resolutions felt the most aligned for me. I love using my Be Rooted journals to not only identify my goals, but the meaning behind what those goals are and what I need to do to achieve them. As someone who loves using actual paper and pen to plan and journal, I find myself using all of our Be Rooted notebooks to brain dump thoughts, ideas and to-do’s as they come up. Taking the time to write down my thoughts is a major part of my self-care routine and I thoroughly recommend it.

As I sat in beautiful Antigua on vacation this month (I know, please try to contain your jealousy ;)), I identified that my goals this year would focus on my mindset, my health and my work/life balance. 


  1. Allow myself to dream without boundaries. As a Virgo I tend to be a very practical person and oftentimes will only dream about things that I know for sure that I can accomplish. I want to really push myself to dream without boundaries even if it doesn't feel attainable. I have already attained so many of my wildest dreams by simply being willing to put myself out there. I know that taking myself outside of my comfort zone is required to really take things to the next level and I am ready to do that unapologetically. 


  1. This year I am going to try to get in the best shape of my life by prioritizing my fitness and wellness. Like so many other people, I gained over 30 pounds during the pandemic and while I am giving myself grace and understanding in that change, I am being intentional about moving my body by establishing a better fitness routine that feels sustainable and real. The truth is that while I was focusing energy on building my brand, I have not prioritized my fitness and my body has paid the price of that.  I am reorganizing my life to ensure I can focus on that in a way that feels comfortable and attainable for me. 

Work/Life Balance:

  1. This year I am opening up the Be Rooted Headquarters and I could not be more excited. While working from home is convenient, I am excited to have a space that embodies all that is Be Rooted. A place for me to really dream about our growth and to house our expanding team. I have been working diligently behind the scenes to style our new office space with pieces that feel thoughtful and aligned with the direction of the brand. 

2022 was an interesting year filled with tons of growth, development and lessons. I am transitioning into 2023 with so much hope and excitement about all that is to unfold in the upcoming months. My biggest piece of advice for all of you is to continue to DREAM while you are in the transition of where you want to be and where you currently are. While none of us know exactly what tomorrow will bring, establishing a strong foundation with a positive mindset rooted in self-care and intention is setting us up for the greatest possible opportunity at success. I am looking forward to the journey, thanks for being on our ride.