I am Every Woman- Representation for all of us

 I am Every Woman- Representation for all of us


To celebrate Womxn’s History Month, Be Rooted Co. launched our “Dream Chasers'' campaign to highlight the diverse groups of Womxn who utilize our products to amplify their best lives while pursuing their goals. The Creative campaign is a beautifully articulated view into the lives of 4 different characters who are in pursuit of chasing their dreams with intention, mindfulness and grace. If you have not seen the debut of the visual yet, make sure to check it out here: When the team was deciding on what stories we wanted to share within our Womxn’s History month campaign, we really wanted to reflect on the persistent voices we were connecting with within the Be Rooted customer community. From students to creatives and busy mom’s alike, Be Rooted products are for the womxn who are in pursuit of more.


Our products are designed to not only help you stay organized and reflective, but represented through our colorful illustrations as well. Showing small clips of these characters has been a solid reminder on why I started Be Rooted back in my small apartment several years ago. As someone who has actively found herself in a bunch of transitional moments, I wanted to create a brand that flowed through the various avenues of my life. Whether it was through staying organized as a busy college student, jumping into my entrepreneurial pursuits with Be Rooted or simply managing the day to day chaos of life- Be Rooted has a product to support my growth and I wanted you to feel that as well. Like many things in life, Womxn are not one-dimensional and the process of manifesting our dreams is never linear.

Even though our lives may look different, the womxn in this community are unapologetically taking up space and doing so with the help of the Be Rooted stationery. You have no idea how much that means to me. On our social media, we will be debuting a new character story visual both via Instagram and Tik Tok. To stay involved, we would love to know what characters you relate to best within our new campaign.

Staying connected to your voices has always been the foundation of content plans and we hope you are enjoying the new style of content as much as we are.