How to use a Planner Effectively: The Trifecta

How to use a Planner Effectively: The Trifecta    


2024, is that you? January is the perfect time to grab a new planner to improve your productivity and go after your goals. I can’t believe we are already at this point. 2023 went so fast! As we get into this year, I look forward to finding my new rhythm.

One thing that I am excited about is adjusting my daily routine. I have always been a planner and journal girlie; over the years, I have worked on refining it.


This year, I plan to implement three things.


Step 1: Monthly Check-ins on Vision Board

This year, we launched our new intention-setting dry-erase vision board, which allows me to make my vision board planning more tactical and less visual. I think cutting out pictures and pinning them is a great way to inspire myself. I respond better by actually writing out my goals. Our new vision board has a section to write out goals that are physical, mental, career, and relationships with room to pin inspiration on the cork board at the bottom. With this being a vision board, it allows me to review them monthly, decide if I need to pivot or adjust anything, and continue to build upon my thoughts in January. I believe that inspiration can come at all times, and I am excited about adding them easily at any point.


Step 2: Defining Roles of Digital vs Physical Planner

There is a whole debate about which type of planner is better. I know some people have firm opinions, but for me, there is space for both. My 2024 planner lets me see what is to come and plan how to prioritize my day with tasks. I need the ability to check things off. Planning things out digitally doesn’t feel tangible to me. For me, my digital planner is better used to help me with time management and keeping all of my meetings on track.


Step 3: Establishing a Daily Journal Routine         

I have always used my journal to write out my ideas and intentions. However, God told me this year that I needed to add scripture to my daily practice. I am toying around with new journal layouts that I may decide to share if it works out for me. Do you have a daily journal practice that you like to use?


To effectively plan, I need to have all three of these things in the works to get it done.