Healing, Wellness and Multi-Million dollar GOALS

As a woman Founder, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to balance everything that life can throw at you. Growing a business while trying to prioritize the normal ebbs and flows of life can make you feel completely disconnected from your WHY. Staying focused on your passion and purpose while staying profitable in your business is FAR from easy.

This year, I made a commitment to myself to break out of my shell and connect with other woman-owned businesses and Founders. Having conversations around not only business, but LIFE in general is something I have always found incredibly helpful in shifting my perspective anytime I find myself feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Thats why, I knew that I wanted to start integrating an interview series into this blog so that I could help introduce this community to other boss women that I look up to.

Our first interview is with someone that I look up to so much. Kathleen Cameron is a Motivational Speaker, Coach and International best selling author. You may know her from her Instagram page (@kathleencameronmanifests) where she shares powerful tips and reflections about how to use the power of manifestation, attraction and mindfulness to help build generational wealth. Her inspirational podcast, “The Manifested,” is a gem of a podcast where Kathleen shares real life information on how to generate wealth, happiness and success through finding your passion and intention in life.


Q&A with Kathleen:

  • Thank you so much for agreeing to share with us. Could you share a little about your story and what you do?
    • Of course - thank you for chatting with me today. I’m so excited! I was a nurse for 12 years, worked my way into managerial positions, and I currently hold one master's and two bachelor's degrees, but I still felt like something was missing in my career. I was working from 7AM to 6PM with no break and hardly saw my girls. I left my job in 2019 and then started my career-coaching business, Diamond Academy. I’m proud to say that I’ve built a $20 million dollar business and I’ve helped over 100,000 people step into the best versions of themselves through my coaching techniques. 
  • On your platforms, you share a lot about your own transformational journey into your personal health and subsequent success. What do you feel has been the biggest contributor to your success as a business owner and motivational coach?
    • The biggest shift I made that truly made a difference. You have to create an idea in the mind and then move it into the physical form. In order for me to step into the role as a CEO, millionaire, and powerful leader, I first had to visualize it in my mind. Using your imagination to create the ultimate vision of what you want to become is the first step in that direction. I tell this to people all the time, it’s the most important thing you can do on your journey, create the idea, visualize it, believe it and become it. What does it look like to be the best version of yourself? Really dream big. 
  • We all know that mindset and resilience are major parts to personal success. If you had to share 3 tips on how a person can build resilience and improve their mindset, what would they be?
    • There is so much turbulence in life! There will always be ups and downs. Think of it in terms of being on an airplane, you will have a set of people who get really nervous and freak out, and others that barely notice or sleep right through it. Although it’s the same experience, who you are and how you react to it is what makes the difference. My three tips when it comes to building resilience are: 
      • Find examples of resilience in your life - other people around you who embody it and use them as a model.
      • Make it a part of your identity. It’s about making resilience a personal fixture when riding the waves of life. 
      • Know that everything that happens in your life is a learning experience and has value, even the things that are painful. 
  • How do you prioritize self-care and mindfulness when you are feeling overwhelmed or down?
    • It’s a non negotiable for me. I have to take that time to myself whether it’s walking, meditating or drinking my matcha latte. It helps calm me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I look at self care as an investment in my well being. 
  • Can you explain what manifestation means to you? If you had to teach someone how they can start manifesting in their own lives - what 3 steps would you share?
    • Manifestation is the act of becoming aware of something that is already there. Most people ask, “how do I manifest”. It is not about how, it is about, “who do I need to be”. It has more to do with how you see yourself, your beliefs, and your feelings about yourself and your life.
    • I teach a 4 step manifestation process, which is a great way to begin practicing manifestation. Throughout these steps, I’d also recommend journaling throughout these steps. Write down your feelings, actions, current thoughts, etc. throughout all the steps to help guide you.
      • Step 1: Become aware of your current thoughts, feelings, and actions. These are the cause of your current manifestations, your current life you see outside of you. 
      • Step 2: Become aware of what you would like to have in your life, possessions, experiences, quality of life, relationships, impact, and purpose, etc. Being specific is very important. 
      • Step 3: Ask yourself, are my current thoughts, feelings and actions in alignment with the  version of myself who is experiencing this “upgraded” life? 
      • Step 4: Take action in the physical world to “BE” the new version of yourself, the universe responds and your outside world will start to change.
  • Do you journal? If so, how do you stay consistent in your journaling routine?
    • Yes, I journal everyday! It’s important to carve out that time everyday and make sure you spend that time with your journal.

Thank you Kathleen for sharing with us. If you do not already follow Kathleen, make sure you do on all her social platforms.