Have the Coolest Dorm on Campus with our 15 Favorite Items

College can be stressful! We all know that, but coming back home to a dorm you love can help make everything feel brighter. Don't worry we got you! We have looked high and low and found the 15 must-have college room essentials.



1. The Perfect Lounge Chair

2. A Groovy Comforter

3. Not Your Mothers Display Shelf

4. Guided Academic Planner

5. Wavy Pink Mirror

6. Retro Mini Fridge


7. Orange Juice Vase

8. Sea Shell Light

9. Affirmation Pens

10. Explore Travel Pillow

11. Feed Your Soul Pillow

12. Mushroom Disco Ball Set


13. Tall Transparent Pink vase

14. 3 Layer Glass Vase

15. Be Rooted Dominos & Card Deck Set