GRWM- Summer, is that you?

GRWM- Summer, is that you?

Happy Spring! Happy quarter 2.. Happy PRE SUMMER. If you are anything like me, you are literally counting the days until you can be on a beach somewhere tropical, feeling the sand between your toes and enjoying the vibes. Sigh* a girl can dream.

My Summer plans are already jam packed with tons of work travel, major events and must-do activities so being intentional about fitting in some “me time” around the people I love is definitely a priority. Finding moments of balance and self-care is something I struggle with and this Summer I am committed about scheduling myself IN while also handling business. Cheers for doing ALL of things baby!

This month, Be Rooted launched our new line of planners, journals and accessories to highlight women who are fearless and bold. If you haven’t seen our new stationery designs, make sure you stop into your local Target and grab a few. I am loving all of the bold colors with our unique cover art and I think you will too. With Summer in mind, we are also getting ready to launch our new Summer line and we couldn't be more excited. The new Summer line features new lifestyle products that are perfect for showing off on vacation and getting some sun. Now, I don’t want to spoil the launch, but our new Summer products are perfect for vatactions, staycations and BAEcations. 

With my schedule already filled with travel for the coming months, I wanted to share my top 5 suitcase must-haves for ANY vacation. Because I am on the go so much, my suitcase CANNOT be a space of chaos for me.

  1. Don’t Overpack- Think Versatility: I admit, I used to be pretty guilty of overpacking in fear that I was forgetting something that I most likely didn’t need. After taking countless trips where I packed way too much stuff, I have learned to stick with versatile options that can be worn in a variety of ways. Solid colors, easy fabrics and great quality basics are my go-to wardrobe staples when I am traveling. Lately, I have also really been into wearing sneakers because they can be dressed up or down which is a total plus

  1. Travel size Me- We have all been there, forgetting one of your skincare essentials in the hotel or being forced to throw them out at the TSA gate. Ya, I hate that too. I love heading to Target to get disposable containers that are TSA approved for all of my must-have skincare and body essentials while I am gone. The small containers are affordable and allow me to keep my larger size bottles at home which cuts down on suitcase bulk.

  1. Read, Write, Reflect- No matter how much work or fun has been scheduled on a trip, I always carve out time for ME TIME by bringing my favorite journal and a good book. Airport layovers happen and draining my phone battery while scrolling IG isn't always ideal. Taking moments to journal and reflect on a trip is a great way to reset my mind and get clear on my thoughts. Our new Be Rooted journals are perfect for stashing in your suitcase or tote bag!

  1. Roll with it- I think this goes without saying, but a good suitcase really does make a major difference when it comes to travel. I personally steer clear of bags that do not have a dual roll function. Who has time to carry a heavy bag on your back? Not me. For affordable suitcase options, I love Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. 

  1. Try a Tripod- My job often requires me to capture “content” no matter where I am and asking strangers to take my pics or videos just isn't an option for me. I grabbed a cheap, folding tripod on Amazon that doesn’t take up much space in my suitcase and it really made all of the difference in my confidence in shooting my own content while i am traveling. I love Tripod options that come with a bluetooth remote for ease and efficiency and most of the tripod options on Amazon come with one complementary.

Even if your Summer plans are looking more like STAYcation rather than Vacation- make sure you are being intentional about carving out time for yourself. Whether you are laying out poolside or in a private cabana on the beach- you deserve to be carefree and relaxed this summer. As for me- I am most definitely bringing the vibes wherever I go- work travel or not.