Be Rooted x Say Hello

Welcome to Be Rooted.

Several years ago, I started the work to be more centered and to focus on my well-being. This translated into me wanting to advocate to those close to me to do the same through the art of storytelling on my IG community called Beyond My Story Is.  I learned over time that because I was an empath, the weight was too much for me to carry while taking in all these powerful stories.

However, my desire for Black women to have a safe space to share their thoughts has never stopped. Multiple times in my life, I have turned to journaling to provide that space for me.  However, I always felt disconnected from the brands in the space.

I started this brand because I didn’t see myself, my friends, or my community reflected in stationery. When I sat down to share my inner thoughts with my journal, I wanted to feel like I was talking someone who understood me, uplifted me, and encouraged me to be better. I started this brand so that we could all have moments to:

  • Be Rooted in Culture.
  • Be Rooted in Reflection
  • Be Rooted in Who We Are

I am excited to bring you all on this journey. We are just getting started. Please sign up to receive updates on new collections and products. Drop me a note if you have feedback. I love to hear it!


Spread Joy. Be Rooted.