Be Rooted in Purpose: Meet April Christina

Meet April Christina

April Christina is a New York City based Women’s Wellness Advocate with focus on Endometriosis and Fertility. She received her Bachelor's of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science with a minor in Psychology in hopes to pursue her goal of becoming a chemistry professor. But after being diagnosed with endometriosis in December of 2010, her goals then changed. April reevaluated what mattered most to her in life. She wanted to spread her knowledge and life experiences with endometriosis to the world. She decided to turn her pain into purpose by educating others about their health.

In 2019, April launched The Endo Brunch. This brunch was created for women and their supporters to meet others with endometriosis and various reproductive health conditions. It is April’s main objective for everyone to have access to information that can make them the healthiest person they can be. Her newest venture is being co-host of The V Dot Podcast, a podcast centered around women’s reproductive health which is launched in December of 2020. In her free time April loves to sing, paint, and spend time with her husband Greg.


What about being a black creator is special to you?
Being a Black Creator is special to me because I remember when talking about a chronic condition like endometriosis was very few and far between. I'm proud that I can create content primarily on women's health and more specifically reproductive health. It allows me to continue to break the stigma within the Black community, so we do not suffer in silence.

What does being rooted mean to you?
Rooted to me means having a solid firm foundation.
How have you stayed motivated to overcome challenges?
I stay motivated to overcome challenges by recognizing and acknowledging where I am. Some days may mean making sure I do something daily towards my goals. While other days motivation can mean doing absolutely nothing. I understand to take each challenge as they come.
Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from my mother and grandmother. They both overcame two different forms of cancers in two very different stages in life. The fact that they're still standing and able to do the things they love encourages me to keep going.

Why do you feel it is important to support Endo Black?
Endo Black's main goal is to spread awareness within the African American and Women of Color community that are affected by endometriosis. When I first started talking about endometriosis, there wasn't many women that look like me who was sharing their story. Endo Black not only shows that there's a need for representation, but it allows women and young girls to not be ashamed to speak up and discuss their reproductive health.


Instagram handle: @imaprilchristina


Be Rooted will be giving 10% of our sales to support Endo Black during the week of 2/13-19.