Be Rooted 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Stressed about what to get the loved ones in your life? No worries! Be Rooted got you covered! We have curated this gift guide to try to make your holiday shopping just a tad bit easier. Our gift guide will not only save you time but also help you add a personal touch to all your gift-giving. 

For the Girl Boss: 

Do you have someone in your life who is a girl boss? Maybe she’s an entrepreneur, a boss chick  chasing her dreams. Is she a go-getter, that just kicks ass in general? Inspire her to keep her hustle going in 2022 with our Hustle Harder Journal ($16) to help track her progress, write out her goals, or simply keep her to-dos straight. You can up this gift a notch by surprising her with some hand-written words of encouragement on a few pages to make it extra special. Pair this journal with a sweet and savory bag of Chai Tea from Blk & Bold ($12) to help her stay up and push through these early mornings and late nights. 

 For the Traveler: 

We all have that friend that believes travel is life. You know the one that books vacations first and asks for PTO second. Our Triple Threat Slim Travel Set ($22) is the perfect travel accessory to ensure that she can easily pack her journal with her on her next adventure. This center-sewn journal is slim enough to fit into the tightest spots and the perfect size to throw in any purse, backpack, or carry-on. Don’t forget to pair this journal set for her journey with this super-luxe turban from You Go Natural ($42) when you need to save the day and get you back in style in seconds. This turban is the perfect travel accessory because we have all been on vacay when our hair ain’t giving what it's supposed to give and you have none of the tools to fix it.

 For the Planner 

You love to hate her, and you hate to love her because she always has it all together. For those ultra-type A women, our Daily Planner ($22) is the perfect gift for her to stay on top of priorities, to-dos, and plan her life like the boss she is. Pair the planner, with our beautiful Glitter + Glitz Jumbo Pens ($20) that write smoothly and have a retractable pen tip to make sure there are no ink marks in your purse. Lastly, snag your friend the Buttah Supreme Skin Kit ($76) because sis deserves a little bit of self-care too! 

 For the Dreamer

Something is enduring about that friend that always has their head in the clouds – dreaming about the future and what comes next. Continue to ignite that flame by gifting them our Lead with Passion Journal ($16) and this message jacket from Mess in a Bottle ($180) to encourage her to live a life without limits. Our Founder, Jasmin Foster, always says that you can never go wrong being centered around your passion and purpose. 

 We hope this list is helpful and makes your shopping much easier.