All the Feels: Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day with your girls or your significant other

Cue the doves, Love is in the air (or maybe that’s just my allergies). Happy Valentine's week!! Whether you are boo’d up or spending the holiday laughing over a bottle of wine with your best girlfriends, Valentines week is definitely a time for romanticizing all of the little things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. There is something so magical this time of year. Clique as it may be, Valentine's day is a fun reminder to stop and smell the roses, even if you are buying a dozen of them for yourself. 

In relationships, I don’t really like to go out on Valentine's day- it feels like a lot, the same type of pressure NYE tends to have. From finding the perfect dress, watching a million youtube tutorials on makeup hacks to channeling my inner Hunger Games just to get a dinner reservation- going out on V-Day has never really been my vibe. Because I am manifesting my significant other with intention (*wink wink), I know that my V-Day in the future will be spent spending quality time with 

my person, doing something low-key and memorable that we both enjoy. If you are reading this post Mr. Forever- this is your sign <3 

For those of us who cupid’s arrow missed this year, all is not lost. There is still ample opportunity to partake in the Valentines Day festivities by celebrating GALentines day with your best girl friends. Whether your friends are single or in a relationship- finding a time to celebrate friendship, family and fun is always in the cards. 

Here are 5 fun ways to celebrate V-day with your friends 

  1. Spa-night in: Remember sleepovers? Ya I used to love them as a kid and hosting an adult, self-care themed party for my girls is totally my speed. Stock up on facial masks, essential oils, deep conditioning treatments and snacks of course and host an at-home spa night with your friends. Matching silk pj sets will help set the mood and make for great photo opps for social. Enjoy at-home manicures and pedicures with my favorite polish from PearNova and toast to self-love, self-care and relaxation 
  2. Take a class you have been wanting to try: Since we are all so busy, finding time to try a new activity can be a great way to spend Galentines Day with your friends. From cooking to candle making, there are a ton of inexpensive classes that you can take with your friends in lue of the normal dinner and drinks thing. I have had my eye on taking a pasta cooking class here in ATL. 
  3. Roll, Bounce: So this one requires a bit more skill, but can be just as fun. Try going roller skating at your local roller rink one evening with your friends. While it’s definitely a work-out, the roller rink can be a great place to catch a vibe, listen to some music and laugh.
  4. Charcuterie Mixer: Assign each of your friends a food type and have your friends show up with a themed charcuterie board. Snack off of different food types while you guys enjoy girl talk and laughs 
  5. Girls Trip: This idea definitely takes more planning, but a girls trip is a great way to celebrate Galentines day and the start of the New Year. A local staycation may be more reasonable than an out of the country excursion so do not ignore local stays and attractions. 

Truthfully, Galentines day looks a little different for me this year compared to how I would usually celebrate in years passed. Living in a new city, I am still building my tribe of girlfriends and extended family. Back in CLT, I would normally host a dinner party or go out with friends, not sparring all of the cliche hearts and lovey stuff. Spending time with my friends always recharges me personally and having memorable moments where we can have fun while spending time together is my favorite. Never missing a moment to practice a bit of self-care and indulgence ;) I am planning on treating myself to a really nice dinner this year and splurging on an item I have had my eye on (ummm- Beyonce tickets, is that you I hear calling me?) 

Happy lovin <3