5 Easy/ Cheap Solo Date Ideas

Random, but have you ever been on a really bad date? Like a, “omg what the heck am I doing here?” type of date? I have, and let's just say- it was miserable. Trying to make small talk over stale appetizers and watered-down cocktails is not my idea of a good time. Sigh.. I am patiently waiting for Michael B. Jordan to plan our romantic getaway. Until then, I have committed to dating myself as regularly as possible. Afterall, I am my own best company

Taking yourself out on a nice date doesn't have to be elaborate. I remember when I started going out by myself I would constantly be worried about people looking at me crazy. “What if I get bored?” , “ What if people think I was stood-up at dinner?” Having anxiety about being out in public by yourself for the first time is normal and something that you truly must experience to understand. If a romantic dinner for one is not your idea of a relaxing time, here are 5 of my favorite solo date adventures that you can try to mix things up a bit.

  1. Solo bike ride on a nice trail- Because the weather is actually really nice here in Atlanta, this is one of my favorite ways to spend the day with myself when I get a free afternoon. If you are in the ATL area, the Beltline is a great place to rent a bicycle and take a ride along the trail. Tons of good food and drink options are scattered throughout the Beltline and the trail will actually take you to Piedmont park and beyond if you dare to ride that far. Don’t have a bike of your own? Try renting a Lime or Uber Bike via the app on your phone. Pricing is usually calculated by time rather than distance and an afternoon of bike riding is super affordable if you decide to use the rental option.

  1. Picnic for 1 in the Park- Having a solo picnic in the park is a really great way to practice dating yourself in a very low maintenance sort of way. When the weather is nice, try packing a small backpack with picnic essentials, a good book and of course, a Be Rooted Journal. A portable speaker and charger will help to keep you in good spirits if you get bored and easy snacks will definitely come in handy. Get creative with your picnic for one. You may find that it will become your new Sunday afternoon ritual. 

  1. A Casual Museum Stroll- Depending on where you live, a visit to your local museum can be a really relaxing way to spend time with yourself. The great thing about visiting the museum is that it can be the perfect solo date because viewing art can be a pretty silent activity which is great if you are by yourself. Depending on where you are located, most cities have a museum of Modern Art. Exhibitions can change frequently so check online for details about what is on display at your local museum before heading in. 

  1. Take a Drive- Have a free afternoon with nowhere to be? Try taking a day trip. Visiting a small town a few hours outside of where you live can be a great way to spend time with yourself by exploring somewhere you have never been before. Google and Pinterest can provide you with great recommendations on places to visit and local eateries to try. Turn on a great playlist or podcast, fill up your gas tank and see where you end up. For added safety, make sure to share your location with a family member or friend just in case. 

  1. Try a Class- Now this recommendation is likely geared towards the seasoned solo dater, but is still a great way to break out of your comfort zone to try something new. Trying a new class or hobby can be a great way to spend time with yourself, meet new people and learn a new skill. Taking a cooking class, participating in a workout session or even a dance class can be fun and unexpected if you are solo. Sites like Groupon or Yelp often have great recommendations on local classes that are perfect to try. If you are feeling uneasy with attending solo, try reaching out to the location in advance to inquire about the class structure or attendance level. Don’t be afraid to try something that you otherwise would not do!

This Summer, we are not letting the lack of a date stop us from trying new things. By becoming comfortable with spending time with yourself you are creating a solid foundation for self-care and self-reflection. What are some of your favorite solo date activities?